Friday, April 06, 2007

Today's (OOPS Last Weeks) Webcast (3-30-07)

I thought that I had posted this. Apparently not. Sorry. ACE

One thing became apparent to me during today's Civil 3D webcast titled "Introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008", and that was that Autodesk has been listening to the suggestions, complaints, and wishes from users. There were many usability enhancements shown during the one hour webcast by Dave Simeone (Civil 3D Senior Product Manager) and Dan Philbrick (Civil 3D Development Manager).

As I have been learning about Civil 3D 2008 I have been surprised by how many little improvements were added, where I found myself thinking "Yeah, this is better. Yes, I would prefer to do that this way instead of the old way".

I am looking forward to doing more with, and learning more about, 2008. Training demands do limit my learning time, but when I do get to learn I am very pleased with the results.

"Like what?" you may ask. Well, here are a few small things that caught my attention:
  1. Extract object from surface (i.e. Contour, Boundary)
  2. Modify objects via Properties (that is the AutoCAD Properties window)
  3. "Assign Elevations" during feature line creation (from Surface or Grading).
  4. Collapse and Expand baselines and regions in Corridor Properties dialog box.
  5. "Set All Frequencies" in Corridor Properties dialog box.
  6. Boundary creation for corridor surfaces now use a jig line (like parcels automatic mode).
  7. Create Profile View now uses a wizard.
  8. Section View Group Properties (change all sections views at once).
  9. New Workspace.
  10. Move blocks to surface elevation.
Clearly, there were the more marquee improvement such as...
  1. Automatic Plan Production
  2. Vault enhancements
  3. 2-10 faster corridor creation
  4. New "Lines and Curves" menu pulldown.
  5. DWF files will include object data
  6. Google Earth import/export

Now, back to training.

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