Thursday, April 06, 2006

Off To Dallas

You may have read or heard that beginning Sunday (Yes, Sunday), Autodesk is holding a conclave, I mean Bootcamp for resellers. Among the many attendees, those of us that support the Infrastructure Solutions Division (ISD) (Autodesk-ese for Civil Engineering, Land Planning and Surveying) will ALL go through the same training for Civil 3D 2007, Map 2007, Raster Design 2007, and AutoCAD 2007.

We will be shown as much of the new stuff as can be stuffed into 5 days. This should include the new project management (Autodesk Vault), survey, grading, and labeling capabilities. I hope to post frequently to give glimpses and impressions.

I will be getting there a little early in an attempt to...

1. Clear my head for the arrival of new information and...
2. For some long needed R&R (suggestions needed).

I certainly am looking forward to this Bootcamp, and to seeing friends and acquaintances in the industry.

Oh, by the way, this in the 200th post to this blog, and a day or two ago the 50,000th visit occured. Thank you for taking the time to check here for information. Based on the increase in daily visits, clearly interest in Civil 3D is on the rise.

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