Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bootcamp Day Three - Vault, Map 3D, and Raster Design

Well, it was one busy day. Far too much information for just one post. Here is the smallest of tiny snippets.

The first half, 4 hours, was spent exploring Autodesk Vault. It will be like learning to ride a bike. It is not immediate. Ultimately, it is not incredibly hard, and actually can be somewhat empowering. A few will likely find it tough. But, with proper guidance it should be very useful. Remember I mentioned PROPER GUIDANCE. The fact that some will try to implement this on their own, the "We are engineers after all" group, will likely lead a few to some frustration. But then again, what does not. Even learning to tie your shoes had to be taught. There will be some change in how things are done, and some individuals and companies embrace change more willingly than others.

If we choose to embrace it (not necessary for small projects and project teams) it can be very useful. Because it is going to be new for most, and it requires certain steps and decisions that some would rather not make at this point in time, I can see some as avoiding it. But, that will be as futile as was avoiding the dawn of automobiles and aviation. Things will be different.

As for Map 3D and Raster Design. My favorite new ability was draping an image on a 3D surface with Raster Design. This definitely reminded me of Google Earth.

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