Wednesday, April 05, 2006

LandXML Revisited

What is Land XML? LandXML is a non-proprietary data standard created by a consortium of industry partners to share (import/export) "civil engineering data".

What type of data? Currently, LandXML 1.0, supports Cogo Points, Point Groups, Surfaces, Watersheds, Parcels, Alignments, Alignment Profiles, Alignment Cross Sections, and Pipe Networks. Shortly, 1.1 will addtionally support survey and corridors model data.

How do we use it? In Civil 3D from the "General" menu pulldown select "Import LandXML..." or "Export LandXML..."

What can we do with it? It can be used for any of the following:

1. To transfer data from a supported software application to another supported application (like LDt to Civil 3D).

2. To convert data from imperial units to metric or vice versa (automatically).

3. To globally translate/rotate coordinates (via settings).

4. To archive data at important milestones.

5. To generate reports about civil objects/data (via LandXML Reporting).

6. To allow 3D viewing of civil objects/data in a LandXML viewer (such as Autodesk Envision 8).

Six years after in was introduced it is amazing that MANY groups that would clearly benefit from the use of LandXML do not know of it's existance. Many people have dropped the ball on this one.

For example, I have used LandXML to export civil data from corrupt Civil 3D drawings and then imported the data into a clean new drawing. Problem solved.

Click on the title of this post to get to the website and see examples, list of support software, and other facts.

I am revisting this topic for a few reasons. The first is because I am adding information to it. The second is because when someone does a "SEARCH THIS BLOG", via the button in the upper left hand corner, for any topic of interest, the search mechanism only goes back one year and the original post was on Feb. 14, 2005 (a little more than 1 year ago). Thirdly, because it has been one of the most viewed posts of all time (within this blog of course). Lastly, I am revisiting this subject because LandXML 1.1 is within days (weeks?) of being ratified and it will include additional capabilities.


Anonymous said...

I did a post on using LandXML to import LDT sites into ADT back in 2004. It's not something we use a lot but is nice when the data is available. Will LandXML become another one of those forgotten formats?

Angel Espinoza said...

Hello Robin,

I hope not. I believe that LandXML will become something that users will learn about, see it's value, and begin to use with greater frequency.

With Civil 3D 2007 about to be released, I feel that many will catch on.

Thanks for the comment.